Super exciting news

Drum roll please…..

This fall, I’m going to be a presenting author at Calgary’s Youth Wordfest! I’ve been a huge fan of Wordfest for years, and it’s truly an honour to have been invited. The line-up of youth authors is amazing, and I can’t wait to meet all these super cool writers. I will have to start practicing my coolness so I can blend in…

Check out the line-up here



Do you like buffets? Who doesn’t! Well, how about a book buffet…?


This coming Tuesday, May 12th, I will be joining 8 other Alberta authors at the Young Alberta Book Society’s Smorgasbook event. It’s an exciting buffet of literature where you get samples of talks and readings by all these awesome writers (I mean the other ones, not me of course. That would be weird). It’s free with a food bank donation. Go to the evite to view details and get a “ticket”.


March 14, 2015

The official invitation for Blank’s Book Launch Party is ready! Visit HERE to RSVP.


March 11, 2015.

You’d think, from the sparse entry below, that not much has been new for me in the past six months. But au contraire. I’ve been busy planning a blog tour, arranging a book launch party, trying to navigate myself around this online author world, and working on my next book. Yes, another YA novel. I’ve created giant mindmaps and charts and moved things around endlessly on my writing software, Scrivener. But not until today, when I discovered a package on my front steps, did I get inspired to add something in news. Check it out:


These are my author copies of Blank, fresh off the press. Pretty snazzy, right? And surreal and exciting. It’s a lifetime of dreams all contained in one little box. My girls get off the school bus in half an hour, and I think we will have to put on Uptown Funk and bust some crazy moves around the house. Want to join us? Youtube it!

Aug 21, 2014

I have just finished the final edits on Blank, so it’s now going through copyediting at Orca. The cover is also being designed, which is super exciting. I’ll share it with you as soon as I can.


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  2. selena says:

    trina i love your book
    from a student at rideau park school

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